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allowing the camera to paint is the

nature of the artwork

The Obscure Garden not only captures nature but allows the camera to paint nature's art. With this simple idea, each TOG photograph is truly unique and placed within a collection. Every photograph captured has specific aspects from a brief moment when nature presents itself as art.


When you receive your artwork, depending upon The Collection you have chosen from, it may appear more as a painting than a photograph. This is due to the light intermingling with nature and then captured in that brief moment.


Your artwork will be of high quality and high resolution but the lines are blurred between what is a photograph and what is a painting, thus the unique nature of The Obscure Garden. No filters, no manipulations are made, only nature, letting the camera paint and capture it in unique ways.


lines blurred between a photograph and a painting

The abstracts are a collection of photographs that vary from the sharp nature of a traditional photograph as well as a slightly more abstract presentation. Bright & bold for any space.

The obscures are a collection of photographs that veer away from sharp nature of a traditional photograph and start to take on aspects of a painting. These images are captured with one shot, no filters or manipulations, only the brilliance of light shown upon nature and captured as art for any space. Colorful & vibrant.

The obscure textures are a collection of photographs that completely steer away from sharp nature of a traditional photograph and engage fully in the aspects of an abstract painting. These photographs capture color, textures & design. These aspects captured embody the brilliance of light and nature working together creating beautiful art. Mesmerizing & intriguing in any space.

The garden girls & the buds & berries are two unique collections presenting both traditional photography as well as a slightly more abstract method. They capture nature's intricate designs after the season is long gone. Dramatic and captivating.

Photographs will be cropped according to size requirements for framing. The Obscure Garden assures your artwork will be perfect at any size.

The Obscure Garden Logo will be sized accordingly and personally stamped onto your artwork.

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