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Japonica Beam Interior

accent any space with

one garden, one shot, no filters, no manipulations 
simply nature's art captured for your space.

Japonica Beam

the delicate dance between

light & nature

 can transform how we feel within our spaces. The Obscure Garden Photo Collection captures these brief interactions as unique art to accent any interior.

my garden

nature's art

unique photographs captured by me

"My garden grows, my garden dies...

transformation, before my eyes.


I run around and capture the light...

no matter the time, day or night.

dewdrops & more...

moments in my garden so precious...

never a chore.

Every seed so special, and petal so sweet...
the sun shines warmth upon my feet.

Fleeting, brief, a seed grows tall...

pushing through, earth gives her all.


Reaching for sun, spirit ascends...

with petals, leaves and stems that bend.


Sun goes down, chill in the air...
back to the earth, only to share,

Nature's art, captured by me...

the beauty of it all... for the world to see."

kathryn houghtaling
artist    graphic designer   creative mind

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