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The Obscure Garden Artwork

Accent any space with Nature's Art. These high quality, professional photographs capture the beauty from the garden. All sizes, many unique framing choices.


Garden Blocks

High Quality TOG Photographs under Acrylic Glass 1" thick, stands alone, Clean & contemporary., beautiful anywhere..   

PWC_ tag.jpg

Private Wedding Collection

A unique Set of 4 Acrylic Glass Pieces of your favorite flower captured as art.
Beautiful anywhere.

Garden Drops.JPG

Garden Drops

Preserve a flower with
Hand-Poured Resin, natural & unique. T
hey're perfect for any
occasion or that someone special.   


Preserve your 


Preserve the beauty of your bouquet, after your special day. Preserved flowers & bouquets make make beautiful keepsakes.


Style Your Memories

Submit your  photographs and get them cleaned up, restored, sized and framed for your space. 

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